Mississippi Faith in Action

Mississippi Faith in Action is a coalition of African American churches and clergy working collaboratively on health promotion activities. Mississippi Faith in Action began in a city-wide effort to promote HIV testing, treatment & prevention, and fighting the stigma associated with HIV. In recent years, the coalition has also worked to promote healthy eating, active living, and COVID-19 testing & vaccination.  

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Mississippi Faith in Action is proud to partner with Black faith institutions, clergy, and health experts to promote COVID-19 vaccination and mitigation efforts. Join us at one of our upcoming vaccination clinics or apply to host a vaccination event at your church.

Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccination Events

“THERE WERE NO STEPS SKIPPED in the COVID Vaccine process whatsoever. It is just the mere fact that this was a priority and we had people getting sick, hospitals with no beds available, So it was a national and international priority.”
Director, Preventive Health
MS Department of Health
“WE ARE IN A TIME where we realize how much more we are connected as a community... as individuals and families, we realize it is more than just me as an individual. The decisions we are making are just not about ourselves but about the community at large.”
Director, Health & Health Equity
MS Department of Health
“THERE IS NO REASON for science to contradict our faith. In fact, I believe... as people of faith, we can operate in that faith, walk in that faith – and do the things necessary in order for us to be healthy and whole.”
Pastor Reginald Buckley
Executive Pastor, Cade Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
“FOR PREGNANT WOMEN, COVID increases the rate of miscarriage and increases the rate of premature birth. For men, COVID can invade the testicles and can lower sperm count. COVID is bad for you, but the vaccines can prevent those things”
Mississippi State Health Officer
MS Department of Health
Missississippi State Department of Health & Faith Leaders Discuss the Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination
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